Eagles and Other Carvings

Below are some exam­ples of past work with cur­rent prices to give you an gen­eral idea of what things cost.

Unless noted oth­er­wise, all of the items below are made to order. Depend­ing upon the size and com­plex­ity of the carv­ing, deliv­ery time varies between 2 and 6 weeks for most items. I require 50% down before I will begin work on your item. When the work is com­plete I will email you a photo of the com­pleted item with a request for the bal­ance plus shipping.

The items below are carv­ings I have already done, or carv­ings I have pat­terns already made. Most com­mis­sions involve some amount of design and cus­tom requests. In these cases design and pat­tern cre­ation will be included in the total price. Once I receive the deposit I will final­ize the design and email a copy of it to you for final approval before I begin carving.

Wood and fin­ish choices can dra­mat­i­cally effect price. Mahogany costs 2 to 3 times what white pine or bass­wood costs. Usu­ally the wood is matched to the project, but where objects will be hung out­side, some peo­ple choose the more durable mahogany. A basic painted fin­ish is the least expen­sive. Gold leaf will add a min­i­mum of $100, and for large carv­ings it can add $500 or more. If you plan on hang­ing your carv­ing out­side, there is no bet­ter fin­ish than 23k gold leaf.



John Shortell Carved Eagle

This is the iconic Bel­lamy Eagle. It is my best sell­ing eagle. It is 25″ from wing tip to wing tip. The fin­ish on this eagle is an aged fin­ished. As shown, this eagle would cost $450. With­out the aged fin­ish, the cost is $400. With a gold leaf fin­ish this eagle would cost $500.



John Shortell Carved Eagle

This is another eagle pat­terned after an orig­i­nal by John Bel­lamy. It is about 30″ wide and has a lightly aged fin­ish. The flags make a big dif­fer­ence in price. They are very time con­sum­ing to not only carve, but also to paint. This eagle, as shown would cost $850.



God Is Refuge Bellamy Eagle
God Is Refuge Bel­lamy Eagle
A faith­ful repro­duc­tion of John Bellamy’s famous $600,000 eagle. Avail­able in three stan­dard sizes or any cus­tom size you’d like. This one is a cus­tom size of 40″. Call or email for pric­ing of other sizes.


Vertical Bellamy Eagle with Flags
Ver­ti­cal Bel­lamy Eagle with Flags
John Bellamy’s mas­ter­piece. His great­est two dimen­sional eagle. The unfin­ished eagle is pic­tured in a photo hang­ing on Bellamy’s stu­dio wall in Yvonne Brault Smith’s book, “John Haley Bel­lamy, carver of eagles.” The eagle is 32″ tall and 26″ wide. This eagle is ready to ship.
Avail­able Qty: 1





Carved Eagle John Shortell

This is one of my favorite eagles. I love the look and I enjoy carv­ing it. I have one of these above the front door of my house with the builders name and year my house was built. This par­tic­u­lar eagle is about 48″ wide and fin­ished in 23k gold leaf. It is designed to be hung out­side. I also carve these in a 30″ size for indoor use with either a stained or painted brown fin­ish. As shown, this eagle is $3200.



John Shortell Carved Eagle

This is a repro­duc­tion of an eagle recently sold at a major auc­tion. It’s about 50″ long and carved from one piece of wood. It can be carved in any size. As shown, in dis­tressed fin­ish, $800.



John Bellamy Eagle Shortell

An impres­sive eagle by John Bel­lamy. This eagle is 48″ wide. All one piece of wood except for the head which is glued on to add depth to the carv­ing. As shown in aged fin­ish, $2500.


John Bellamy War & Peace Eagles Shortell

War and Peace eagles by John Bel­lamy. Eagle fac­ing right (left from your per­spec­tive) sup­pos­edly means peace­time. Eagle fac­ing left (right from your per­spec­tive) sup­pos­edly means wartime. These are avail­able singly or as a pair. Each eagle is 43″ wide. As shown in aged fin­ish, $750 each or $1400 for the pair.



Lady Liberty Portrait Plaque
Lady Lib­erty Por­trait Plaque
A por­trait plaque with the bust of Lady Lib­erty. Bust was taken from an early Amer­i­can coin. 13″ tall by 11″ wide. This item is ready to ship
Avail­able Qty: 1


George Washington Plaque
George Wash­ing­ton Plaque
A copy of a plaque of George Wash­ing­ton that was carved by Samuel McIn­tire. 16″ tall by 11″ wide. Nat­ural wood with shel­lac fin­ish. This item is ready to ship.
Avail­able Qty: 1


George Washington Plaque
George Wash­ing­ton Plaque
A copy of a plaque of George Wash­ing­ton that was carved by Samuel McIn­tire. 16″ tall by 11″ wide. Painted in acrylic. This item is ready to ship.
Avail­able Qty: 1


John Shortell Carved Eagle

This is the stan­dard Bel­lamy style eagle with­out the ban­ner. It is fin­ished in 23k gold leaf and fea­tures a very thin trail­ing tail carved at the end of the ban­ner. The eagle is 25″ wide. As shown, $500


Life Sized Eagle Carved in the Round
Life Sized Eagle Carved in the Round
Full sized eagle carved in the round. Highly detailed carved feath­ers. Posi­tion is posed just as it is tak­ing flight. Wings half open. Width wing tip to wing tip is 31″, tail to beak is 24″, height is 27″. Eagle is mounted to wal­nut base. For more pho­tos visit this link. Life Sized Eagle in the Round
Avail­able Qty: 1


Ultra High Relief Carved Liberty Head From the Morgan Dollar
Ultra High Relief Carved Lib­erty Head From the Mor­gan Dollar
This is the Lib­erty head from the Mor­gan Dol­lar. It is carved from African Mahogany in ultra high relief. In other words, it’s almost a full half head. It is 12″ tall by 9″ wide.


John Ruthven Eagle
John Ruthven Eagle
Eagle designed by con­tempo­rary nat­uralist and artist John Ruthven as a trib­ute to his late wife Judy Ruthven. They owned, restored and then donated the child­hood home of Ulysses S. Grant. Eagle is 36″ wide. This eagle lacks detail on the feath­ers but has a very real­is­tic head. Price is as shown in gold leaf. In basic paint price would be $1500. Aged, $1600.


Boston Carv­ing Com­pany Eagle

Another design orig­i­nally from the Artis­tic Carv­ing Com­pany of Boston. Avail­ble in three stan­dard sizes: 36″ @ $1500, 48″ @ $2500 and 64″ @ $4000. These prices are for basic lightly aged paint. Gold leaf and other fin­ish options are available.

Boston Carving Co. Style Eagle
Boston Carv­ing Co. Style Eagle
This eagle has an over­all width of 60 inches and a wingspan of 51 inches. It is a full four inches thick. Instead of the usual aged gold fin­ish this eagle is fin­ished with dye and lin­seed oil.

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