Another Boston Carving Co. Eagle

After carving the recent Boston Carving Co. eagle for a customer,  I decided to do another one more to my liking. This one has full depth wings, a shorter banner and a different finish.

I reshaped the banner a bit, and instead of an aged gold finish, I dyed the wood and finished it with linseed oil. The paint is acrylic.

The overall width is 60″ with a 51″ wingspan. This eagle is for sale and ready for immediate delivery.


3 thoughts on “Another Boston Carving Co. Eagle

  1. John, i just purchased your 43.5 Boston Artistic Carving Eagle pattern. I have corved several Bellamy eagles and your long, thin eagles. My questions are:
    Is the head of this eagle a separate piece?
    What thickness is the board?
    Is there a space between the head and body?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Don, I use 2″ thick pine. I usually glue another 2″ piece over the area where the head is. There really isn’t a space between the head and the body. You can undercut the back of the head so it looks like there is a space behind it. Relief carving is a lot about fooling the eye and making parts look thicker or thinner than they really are. Good luck with the project and be sure to send me a photo when it is done so I can put it on the “Guest carver” page.

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