Carving a Marine Anchor and Globe Emblem: Finished

I’ve finally finished the Marine emblem. The finishing part went smoothly, as is usually the case when I am not trying to age or distress the surface. The eagle, continents and rope are covered in 23k gold leaf. The rest is painted with flat, acrylic paint. This creates a strong contrast with the gold. All the colors were chosen to give a lightly aged look without having to do anything else. If you know any marines who would like one, please share this post.

If you want to try to carve one yourself, I now have a pattern available.


3 thoughts on “Carving a Marine Anchor and Globe Emblem: Finished

  1. Hello John,
    Love the design and the globe looks great.
    Are you able to paint the eagle brown and white and omit the USA on the anchor?
    Very interested in purchasing 3 of them.

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